Travel Nurses Find R&R Between Shifts at Yacht Haven

More and more travel nurses are packing up their homes and hitting the road in their RVs.  They are combining their nursing and travel passions to, as one nurse describes it, drive her “beach house, mountain cabin and desert dwelling” to jobs all across the country. Here at Yacht Haven, we LOVE travel nurses and have been a host to many of them.

Meet Katrina Wilson of San Diego, who has been a labor and delivery nurse for 20 years – the last six of them as a travel nurse. She began travelling after caring for her dying grandmother who made her promise to “do you” and see the country. Today, she, her truck and her 30-foot 5th wheel (“Millie” and “Tillie,” respectively) are based at Yacht Haven for her 13-week stint at Mercy Hospital. South Florida is a popular place in the winter time and she’s one of 10 travel nurses currently in residence at the waterside RV resort. Not only is located near nine busy hospitals, it offers a brand new resort pool, tiki huts, water activities, a new fitness center, laundry facilities and more for off-duty nurses.

Changing cities, colleagues, schedules and work environments frequently, Katrina finds comfort in knowing that at least her lodging is not foreign.

“I have my own belongings and my Dalmatian, Jack, and I’m surrounded by things that are important to me,” says Katrina. “And my RV has slides, so it feels like an apartment, not a box.”

On her days off, Katrina enjoys rollerblading around the RV park and taking Jack out on the New River on her paddleboard. She also packs a kayak and a recumbent bike in her RV.

What else does she love about Yacht Haven?

Safety is one of travel nurses’ primary concerns and they look for gated campgrounds that are well-maintained, well-lit, and have 24-hour security personnel onsite. Yacht Haven has these and security cameras throughout the campground and facilities.

Then there are peaceful surroundings:

“Because of the nature of our jobs – day shifts at the hospital begin at 6:30am and we have to be well-rested to make potentially life-or-death decisions – we really need quiet spots in the campgrounds,” said Katrina. “We’re good tenants, we keep to ourselves and we’re not loud or messy. We show up, do our jobs and move on.”

We are so eager to welcome travel nurses here that we offer them a 15% discount on their entire 13-week stay. And for those travel nurses who typically stay at Airbnbs or hotels, we can arrange to bring in and set up a large, Class A motorcoach so they can experience the fun and convenience of RV living!



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