An RVers Guide to Celebrating Thanksgiving in South Florida

What better way to kickoff of the holiday season than to celebrate Thanksgiving at a luxury RV park in sunny South Florida? After last year, when so many people limited their guest lists to only those inside their “bubble,” RVers are ready to gather together with extended family and new and old friends to eat and party heartily. Dining on turkey and stuffing al fresco and enjoying a post-dinner stroll beneath the palm trees sure beat bundling up and shivering in the cold up north!

But entertaining within the limited confines of an RV, with its smaller appliances and workspace, begs a few important questions: who to invite? how many to invite? what to serve? how to cook everything?  what other activities to enjoy? We’ve scoured the Internet and local resources to offer you a number of tips for enjoying a fun, delicious and memorable Thanksgiving here in Fort Lauderdale at Yacht Haven:

First things first: who to invite?  Thanksgiving is a popular time for RV use as families travel to far off places either to gather with relatives or just to take advantage of the extra-long holiday weekend.  If you’re among the latter, it may be a great opportunity to celebrate with new friends you meet at the campground.  If the word didn’t originate in the RV world, it should have – “Friendsgiving.”  That’s when unrelated guests pool their entrees or side dishes to create and share a mega-Thanksgiving meal together.  Yacht Haven is particularly suited for this with its new communal tiki huts.

Organizing a Friendsgiving is easy: just wander the park or hang out at Yacht Haven’s newly renovated pool and bar, and ask other RVers how they’re spending Thanksgiving or what they’re thankful for this season.  Everyone knows how easy it is to make friends at RV parks, so it shouldn’t take long to create a guest list!

The second thing: what to cook?  Well, before we list a number of great resources for recipes and preparation tips, you may want to consider NOT cooking. Your other options are: eat out, carry out, buy pre-cooked dishes or have food delivered or catered. Fort Lauderdale is the home of several excellent restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving, many of which make their entrees and sides available for carry out. Check out Visit Ft. Lauderdale or Weekend Broward for recommendations, menus and pricing, reservation information and reader reviews.

There are also a number of great caterers in the area who can deliver delectable treats right to Yacht Haven. Finally, we have a Publix, a Greenwise Market and Fresh Market nearby that offer pre-made dishes that you can heat up and serve as your own!

If you prefer to prepare the Thanksgiving meal or elements of it yourself, we’ve found some great sites for recipes and RV cooking tips:

Todd and Julie of have collected 37 recipes for Thanksgiving Day in your RV from food bloggers around the country.

Kingsford offers tips for pellet or charcoal grilling a turkey, as well as oven-less recipes for cornbread, ham, stuffed acorn squash and more.

And 50 Campfires provides instructions for roasting the perfect turkey over a campfire.

Note: In addition to using your RV’s oven and stovetop, many of these sites recommend an Insta Pot, a slow cooker and/or an air fryer, which can use up a lot of electricity. Fortunately, Yacht Haven has recently upgraded the hookups to provide an ample 50 amps.

Since work and serving space may be an issue, consider doing prep work outside in the sunshine either before or on Thanksgiving Day, and serving a buffet on your inside table or countertops then dining outside.

The third thing: besides eating, what other activities can guests enjoy at Yacht Haven?  Throughout Turkey Day, there are tons of things to do – either individually or with your dinner guests — right in the campground. If you want to get some exercise before the big meal, visit our brand new exercise facility that features the latest equipment for cardiovascular and strength training.  Or take a swim in our new pool. For fun, consider swapping touch football for a cornhole tournament on the green beside Yacht Haven’s new long bar. It’s the perfect place for family and friends to gather on a sunny day!

After the big meal, you may want to walk off some calories by strolling along the docks that line each of mini-peninsulas in the campground. This is one of the things that makes Yacht Haven so unique – the luxury yachts that moored there! It’s always fun to walk among them and to imagine cruising to exotic locales on them.

So, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving in Southern Florida, Yacht Haven is  perfect place for RVers to spend the holidays!




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